Veyo is revolutionizing patient transportation & logistics in order to improve healthcare outcomes by ensuring patients can get to & from medical appointments, safely and on-time.  A key user group for the platform are medical facility attendants who check patients into & out of their appointments, fill scheduling gaps & manage adjustments throughout their day. In this challenge, we needed to design a landing page that provided attendants an overview of all the members coming in or leaving their facility via Veyo drivers as a way to allow them to do their jobs more quickly & efficiently. 

Problem Statement:

Healthcare facility attendants are responsible for checking patients in and out of appointments multiple times per day. Due to unforeseen delays, healthcare facilities often experience gaps in their scheduling that they must account for and adjust constantly in order to fill appointment slots and therefore, maximize efficiency. Too many unknown delays in the healthcare facility’s schedule can result in less patients being seen per day which decreases revenue for the facility. It also has the potential to increase wait times for patients who may have arrived on time as the facility tries to fit everyone in. Patient satisfaction can be compromised if facility attendants are frazzled.


  • By enabling facility attendants to better gauge when patients will arrive in real time via Veyo drivers, they are able to accurately predict patient arrival to the facility.

  • Knowing when a patient is running late for their appointment can allow staff to manage the timeslots more efficiently.

  • Knowing a patient is en route & may arrive early for their appointment could allow healthcare staff to begin preparations for their appointments to save time.

  • Analytics captured by the Veyo app in conjunction with an integration to facility scheduler tool could show a potential percentage increase in patients being seen per day, as well as a decrease in average wait time, which could boost customer satisfaction.


Ideation & Design:

In the amount of time I had to complete this project, I had to build off some key assumptions outlined below. I was able to call two health care facilities attendants to create a persona. From the information I gathered, I created a mind map of all the possible elements that could be added into the design & then used the MSCW method to sort & prioritize my features before creating a hifi wire framing. 

User Persona:


Mind Map: