About Me

Hi, I'm Nikita! I'm a Product Leader based out of San Diego, California. It took me two career changes to realize I was made for building great products. I'm a scientist by background and find myself deploying the scientific method and analyzing data and metrics. I was an Account Manager/BDM early on where I learned to listen to the end user and aim to solve problems. These skills, along many others,

It took me two key career changes to find my way into Product. I obtained a Biology degree from the University of San Diego and began working as a scientist. Quickly, I found myself working in a pivotal growth role at a rapidly growing start up. My work there helped me understand that the customer insights I brought in house were the foundation that built our company into an award winning product. As their first remote employee, I was challenged to find new ways to connect with my colleagues virtually and improve our company culture as we grew.  I moved on to create culture teams at future companies and work my way into becoming a vocal leader within Peoples Ops parts of larger organizations.